About Me

I have worked in media, ran my own company and have helped hundreds of local top-rated companies with their digital marketing efforts.  My history of blending marketing with technology started back in 1992 at the biggest radio station west of the Mississippi and continues today with my work at American Ratings Corporation.

  • Broadcast

    Radio Beginings

    k101Russ started his professional marketing career while working for KIOI (then K-101, now Star 101.3). He was an intern for two weeks before moving to a paid full-time position as the Integrated Marketing Coordinator. He built the first website for the station and the first websites for several sister stations. He also managed all off-air marketing, on-air promotional announcements, produced shows, voiced commercials and was an on-air talent.

  • Digital Marketing

    From On-Air to Online

    452 degrees logoDuring the “.com” boom of the late 90’s, Russ was offered a high level marketing role at an internet start-up. He gained valuable experience on how to run a business while working directly with the CEO. He produced and designed the company website as well several client websites. In his free time, he started his own company as a side job.

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    Back to his Radio Roots

    alice-radioAs you recall, the “.com” boom was followed by the bust. As the start-up began to fold, Russ decided to jump back into radio, this time for CBS. He wanted to gain more sales experience, so he became an Account Executive. The sales skills learned helped him to prosper as a top salesperson for CBS but also helped him grow his own company.

  • CEO

    President and CEO

    fog city logoAfter a few years of selling for radio, Russ decided instead to devote more attention to his own growing business. Fog City Entertainment had now become a leading entertainment provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company performed at hundreds of events each year and was the preferred provider for several well-known hotel chains, local clubs and major corporations.

    The company concentrated on gaining clients through search engine optimization of its core website and well as several other mini sites and through search engine marketing. With a small budget, the company was able to compete by buying smart and constantly learning, changing and growing.

  • Life Balance

    Life Balance

    Photo 19After having his second child, Russ decided that being a great dad was more important than being a great business owner. Because of the time it took to run his business, he decided to sell the company and find a great company to work for, not run.

    Literally, after a few days, he found American Ratings Corporation. He now enjoys being able to focus on running his department by day and playing with his kids each night.

  • Digital Marketing

    Diamond Certified

    diamondcertifiedRuss is now the Vice President of Digital for American Ratings Corporation (ARC), creators of the Diamond Certified Program. He manage the company’s marketing, communications and social media departments. He utilizes his SEO and SEM skills to help ARC and over 800 Diamond Certified companies maximize their digital presence. 

    Russ oversees a team of 14 professionals and is responsible for the marketing, video production, print production, editorial, graphics, communications and social media functions of the Diamond Certified Resource.